TikTok Ban! Get a Better Replacement: Clash

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So it would seem that TikTok has been banned stateside. An incredible development, no doubt, but one that was relatively predictable since the story broke on security issues that existed within TikTok. This coupled with the COVID-centric introversion that Americans are feeling sort of made this an inevitability. So what is a TikTok Creator to do? Curl up in a ball and wither away? Hunker down until the TikTokolypse ends? Or should they find another app with similar features? While the first 2 options will not exactly see you making new content any time soon, the final question has just been handed a solution.

tiktok & clash

Enter Clash: A new short-form video app that parallels nicely with TikTok. It looks familiar, it controls similarly, it feels nearly the same. Clash is an app that is currently in open beta and available for IOS only. No word yet on Android availability, but if their arrival is any indication, it won't be much longer until we are able to enjoy using the platform to our heart's content across all devices. If you are looking for a new alternative to TikTok, Clash is definitely an app worth investigating. I know we at Collag3 & iLinkPro will be!

You can check them out at https://clashapp.co

You can also check us out at https://ilinkpro.me to make

your very own iLink-Profile to add to your Clashapp bio 😉

Our Usernames on Clashapp: @ilinkpro & @collag3

Last updated on: 2 August, 2020