Getting Started with iLinkPro:

Who says you can't walk and chew gum at the same time? How about juggling all of your sites, stores, and socials in a single site? iLinkPro makes this daily juggling act a breeze and frankly, a creative blast. Today I'm going to tell you how to get started with iLinkPro.

What is iLinkPro?

iLinkPro is a bio link service with a focus on creative control and platform-specific function. You can do far more than merely link your various sites to buttons on your profile. This includes setting custom backgrounds, linking live streams, Spotify playlists, YouTube videos and so much more. You can also play with font styles, colors, and spacing to get the esthetic you truly want. This is only the beginning, as we are constantly adding new ways to take total control of your bio link. Whether you are an influencer or content creator sharing content on Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram; a musician or podcast host dropping the latest works for your audience; or a business showcasing products and services to customers; iLinkPro lets you own your links.

Getting Started:

To begin, you need to start your profile on iLinkPro's site. To do this, you should navigate to and click the Register button located in the navigation bar at the top of the homepage. You will need to enter your name, a valid email address, and a new password at sign up as well as confirming that you read the terms and services. Click register and be sure to check the email that you provided to validate that your email is correct. Once that is done, you can begin to set up your very own iLinkPro profile!

The Dashboard:

The dashboard is the first page that you will begin to interact with iLinkPro as a user. You have access to summarized details on your current iLinkPro plan as well as basic analytic data such as click counts. It also allows you to manage multiple projects and the links attached to those projects.


To begin a new project, click the teal + create project button and enter a name for a project. This won't be visible to your audience, so name it whatever you wish. Your project will be empty, so let's liven it up with links! Click on the teal +Create button and you should see "iLinkPro page" as well as "Shortened URL." The "Shortened URL" option allows you to shorten links from other platforms, such as YouTube. For now, select the "iLinkPro page" option.

Creating Your Own Profile:

Once you've selected the "iLinkPro page" option, you can begin to piece your profile together using various links and other creative elements. In the settings section, you will see your project name at the top in URL form, a vertical ellipsis (with options such as downloading your link's QR code), a space for a profile picture, a title section for the top of your profile, a description section for title subtext, a verification checkmark toggle, background preset selections, as well as other tools to use across your profile. For now, let's go over setting up a basic profile!

To get started, click the camera icon and select a nice profile pic from your device that you know everyone will love! Next, select "title" and type in the display name that you want everyone to see! Next, enter any subtext for your title - something short and catchy that describes who you are! Click the "display verified checkmark," if you want that visible.

Now let's make that profile shine with a memorable background! Select either a background preset or even upload your own custom image from a device!

The final options are there to further tailor your experience and allow for a greater range of control. These include branding, analytics, SEO, UTM parameters, socials, fonts, and protections. A lot of these functions are only available with a Pro membership.

Creating Links:

Now that you have a basic profile set up, it's time to give those delicious links to the people. Click the teal "+ Create" button, and select the type of content link you want to create. For now, select "Link," and paste a COMPLETE URL that you want to be linked. This is important, as an incomplete link will not direct visitors to your sites. When you are ready, click "Add URL."

Customizing Links:

With your new link ready to go live, we can make it truly stand out. On the current page, click "Links," and find the link you want to customize. In the links section on the left, click "your own link here," and a drop-down menu will appear. This menu gives you creative control over the esthetics of the links on your page.

Start by selecting "Name" and changing the name that will appear on your link button. Next, we can add a URL-linked image or an icon supplied by Font Awesome to the button for additional pop. Next, you can adjust the Font and button background colors using a color slider. You can then choose whether to outline the button or just leave the button how it appears. Finally, you can choose an animation action to give your links some life! Once you have made your selections and you are satisfied, be sure to click the rectangular, teal "Update" button at the end of the list to save your changes!

There you have it, a fresh bio link page and a creative look that fits you perfectly! There are many more individual features that will serve to give you even more control and creative freedom! We will go over those features in more detail in future posts.

With all of this, you are ready for prime time. Not only can you juggle all of your important sites effectively, but you can also show off those sites in one place! iLinkPro offers a new way to link. One that places emphasis on creative agency and dedication to enhancing a user's social experience.